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Siemens S55 Link Index

Please note that this website was retired in 2015. The sort function, hit counter and add-form will no longer work.

Here you'll find links to various S55-related sites on the web. Do you know a site that's not included in the index? Click here! Feel free to mail me with questions or comments.

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Club-Siemens is a site dedicated to Siemens mobiles in general, but it is so comprehensive that only the S55 related stuff will impress you. Club-Siemens is undoubtly the most comprehensive and popular Siemens site on the net, so you sould take a look. A lot of logos and animations (also MMS) can be found by choosing "Fun" in the menu, and scrolling down to the S55 frame. There are no polyphonic tones, and the logos are watermarked as well (though very discreet). The best part of the site is the forum, which counts over 16000 members. Only the S55 forum has over 100 daily posts, so if you want to meet fellow S55'ers, the Club-Siemens forum is the place for you. There's also a list of freeware java for the S55.

Rating: 9. Hits: 25415. Language: English (localised forum). Content: Information - Monophonic ringtones - Logos - Java midlets - Animations - Forums - Downloads.

1000 mAH battery for the S55!

A great battery for the S55 I'm using myself, 30.63 euros and you will get 9-10 days of battery life! The battery is unorginal, but the quality is good. Weight: 20 grams, which is 7 grams less than the original. HWT ships worldwide, and the support team speaks English. Click "Zubehör für Siemens" -> "S55" -> "Ersatzakku Li-Polymer (!) 1000 mAH für Siemens S55"

Rating: 9. Hits: 4495. Language: German. Content: - Shop.


A shop with original and unoriginal stuff for the S55 and other Siemens and Nokia phones. Handsfree (with or without radio), batteries, cables, (twin) chargers, car pack, loud speakers, covers, Bluetooth headsets, as well as spare parts for the phone. The site is in German, but accept orders from foreign countries. Choose "BenQ-Siemens Handys" in the left-hand menu, and then click "S55".

Rating: 8. Hits: 5699. Language: German. Content: - Shop.

A well arranged German-language site, with S55 as the only subject. Plenty of stuff here; many logos, animations, polyphonic ringing tones, technical information (a good GPRS introduction) and a FAQ. As always, people who don't speak German should be able to at least get the fun stuff.

Rating: 7. Hits: 12030. Language: German. Content: Information - Polyphonic ringtones - Logos - Java midlets - Animations - Forums - Downloads.

Siemens Info

A extensive and updated Siemens site, with a good selection of stuff for your S55, including plenty of colour logos, color scemes, EMS animations and also a few midlets. Most of the S55 related material are placed below "Fun" on the right-hand side, and in the news. Note that the site is in German only, but anyone should be able to browse the selection of logos, animations and ringing tones.

Rating: 7. Hits: 8698. Language: German. Content: Information - Polyphonic ringtones - Logos - Java midlets - Animations - Forums - Downloads.

A collection of polyphonic ringtones. Also some songs in the MMF format.

Rating: 7. Hits: 7962. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Downloads.

Libary of free Java midlets (demos and freeware). Includes popular and useful programs available in different subcategories. Very easy to navigate, and a good and updated selection of downloads. Use the "Device Filter" to only show S55 compatible midlets.

Rating: 7. Hits: 7769. Language: English. Content: - Java midlets - Downloads.

Official Firmware Download

Download the new firmware version 11, with the following benefits: - Improved memory access and CPU usage to secure low power consumption - Optimised structure of various sub menu items - Enhanced handling of accessories - Updated Java and sound functionalities - Improved overall software stability through technical enhancements This is an official Siemens download, but be sure to read the license carefully before you start. Also note that you need a datacable; BlueTooth or Infrared won't work.

Rating: 7. Hits: 7714. Language: English. Content: - Downloads - Official.


A comprehensive collection of polyphonic MIDI ring tones, and also short non-music tones. Sorted by artist.

Rating: 7. Hits: 6942. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones.

Siemens Planet

Site with logos, a download section, news, etc.

Rating: 7. Hits: 6829. Language: English. Content: Information - Logos - Java midlets - Animations - Downloads. MIDP

News, downloads and information on the MIDP technology, both for the developer and the end-user. Several midlets available for download. You have to sign up for a free membership to get access to their directory.

Rating: 7. Hits: 6801. Language: English. Content: Information - Java midlets - Downloads.

Macrospace Games

Macrospace Games develop cool games for the mobile market, including the S55. All games costs ?4.95 (approx. $5.5) and they now accept world-wide orders. There is a test-midlet available to check if your download settings are OK.

Rating: 7. Hits: 4531. Language: English. Content: - Java midlets.

S55 Tips & Tricks

I thought I'd share a useful thread in the CS forums, where people share different (usually undocumented) features of the phone.

Rating: 6. Hits: 10599. Language: English. Content: Information.

Siemens' Press Information Page

This offical page from Siemens Mobile includes press releases and high-resolution pictures of their S55 model. This page is in German, but non-German-speaking visitors should be able to access some of the information. Of course a lot of this information is available in English as well, but I have not found a site like this one, which covers all stuff related to the S55 in one section. However, here's a few direct links to Enlish press pages that are informative and good as well: High-resolution press pictures with descriptions, press releases, Siemens Mobile press home page in English. Especially the nice pictures are worth a visit.

Rating: 6. Hits: 7969. Language: German and English. Content: Information - Downloads - Official.

Yet another comprehensive S55 site in German. A decent selection of logos and animations, though many of them seem to be copyed from other pages on the web. Also some informational pages.

Rating: 6. Hits: 7368. Language: German. Content: Information - Logos - Java midlets - Animations - Forums - Downloads.

Mobiledia: S55

A sleek and professional site with logos, animations and ringing tones. The main page includes links to the most recent submissions in each of these three categories. Use the menu on the right-hand side to browse the full selection.

Rating: 6. Hits: 7322. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Logos - Animations.

Colour Scheme Editor

With this nifty piece of software, you can make your own colour schemes to ose on your S55. Change colors on buttons, backgrounds, etc.

Rating: 6. Hits: 7043. Language: German/English. Content: - Downloads - Other.

ThreeX' poly tones

Plenty of polyphonic ringtones, and also a collection of good non-music files (mmf and midis). There are also logos on this site. Messy layout, but should be checked out if you are looking for graphics and polyphonic tones.

Rating: 6. Hits: 6645. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Logos - Java midlets - Animations - Downloads.'s Ringing Tones

Site with polyphonic ringing tones.

Rating: 6. Hits: 6123. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Animations.

Lambal's Ringing Tones

This is a direct link to a zip-file containing over 2000 ringing tones!

Rating: 6. Hits: 6013. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones.

Sam's Adventures

Many have asked for a snake game for S55. Here's a free and good one, including skin support, a maze editor and more.

Rating: 6. Hits: 4670. Language: English. Content: - Java midlets - Downloads.

Remove operator logo

To remove the operator name that many find annoying for the logo, right click here and choose "Save target as" (or simular). Place it on your phone and use it as operator logo. Voila!

Rating: 6. Hits: 4288. Language: English. Content: - Logos.


Gameloft developes and sells some nice Java games. They have not yet begyn to sell S55 games, but they are promised to come.

Rating: 6. Hits: 4173. Language: English. Content: Information - Java midlets - Shop.


A huge collection of MIDI files, all theme music from video games.

Rating: 6. Hits: 3662. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Downloads - Other.

MobilTec24 (former Handyman)

A German shop with accessiories for the S55. Tools, batteries, car kit, etc.

Rating: 6. Hits: 3222. Language: German (some English=. Content: - Shop.

Jörg's S55 tones

A selection of polyphonic ringing tones for the S55.

Rating: 5. Hits: 23397. Language: German. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Downloads.

The site works as a S55 community, allowing people to share their logos, animations and ringtones with other people. You can access the collection, and also upload content directly to the site.

Rating: 5. Hits: 6980. Language: English. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Logos - Animations.

Alex' stuff

Awfully designed, but you will find some logos, ringing tones and a few EMS icons. You can contact the author and request a polyphonic ringing tone, and it will be uploaded for your hearing pleasure.

Rating: 5. Hits: 4836. Language: English and Norwegian. Content: - Polyphonic ringtones - Logos - Animations.

Official S55 Information from Siemens

Siemens page with information on the phone. Contains manual, technical data, information and some downloads.

Rating: 5. Hits: 4538. Language: English. Content: Information - Downloads - Shop - Official.

'Many game midlets available for download. No freeware here. You pay for the games by SMS. Currently only available in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Italy and The UK

Rating: 5. Hits: 4040. Language: German, Italian, English. Content: - Java midlets.

Mobilemania's S55 Page

Some information. Only black & white logos and monophonic tones.

Rating: 2. Hits: 5192. Language: German. Content: Information - Monophonic ringtones - Logos.